A blog for Dads,

about being a Dad...

Hi I’m Gary and this is my blog site about being a Dad…


There's a forum, videos and blog posts. I'm hoping that as well as being a source of fun and entertainment you may be able to find answers to stuff you want to know, like How to change a nappy, as well as a good place to find cool stuff for your kid or yourself.


I have a few Dad friends who suggested, as I talk about my kids a lot that I should write a blog - and here it is. I’ve thought a lot about doing something social with other Dads but finding the time is tricky around work and family and this seems to be a good fit!


I set this site up primarily because I've found the experience of becoming a dad a lot different to what I was expecting and I'm sure other people have too. I have friends facing fatherhood for the first time who also face unknown dilemmas and experiences and could do with a place to find out more. There's also a plethora of sites for mums out there, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think dads may just be interested in other subjects than mums!



I’ve also added a store to the site, which may seem a bit odd but hosting/ writing etc takes time and effort and rather than adding one of those paypal links asking for donations I’d rather you had the chance to buy something cool and I’ll make a small profit which keeps things interesting for me and gives me the chance to treat the girls to something nice occasionally. All the profit goes to the girls, I have a full time job to cover the bills!

I've got a great deal with a kids retailer so there's plenty of things to treat the kids with, as well as gifts for newborns and practical bits that you may not have thought about. There’s also some cool gadgety Dad stuff which I also hope you’ll enjoy- I have only listed products I actually like rather than products I can make cash from, so i hope you’ll like them too!








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Mainly fun stuff...



Please note, I am not a child psychologist, expert or even particularly great Dad. I'm trying to be... but the point to this is that I'm a normal Dad just like most people who is trying to do the best they can. I'm just sharing my experience with you, please don't sue me!